A hidden

Los Andes is at the end of a rough road that beetles up the southern slopes of the magnificent volcano of Atitlán. This forgotten corner of Guatemala is anything but forgotten by nature. Abundant wildlife, especially birds, fills the tea gardens and coffee fields, and the cloud forest that lies between them and the still warm cone of the volcano.

Among the birds is the elusive Resplendent Quetzal, whose courtship and nesting activities attract birdwatchers from around the world to the Reserve. Los Andes is also home to the rare cabanis tanager (Tangara cabanisi). This small, blue, exquisite bird’s highly localized habitat is shared by hundreds of local and migrating species, including a host of hummingbirds, orioles, flycatchers, trogons and motmots.

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Los Andes VISION

The Los Andes Private Nature Reserve, located on the western chain of Guatemala’s volcanoes, forms part of one of the first cloud forests dedicated to the protection of the Resplendent Quetzal. The reserve is an area in which agricultural production, human development and environmental conservation are carried out in a harmonious and sustainable manner, for the well being of present and future generations.