Advice for Visitors        

Welcome to Los Andes Private Nature Reserve. Please comply with the following regulations in order to have a safe visit and to maintain the natural beauty for others to enjoy.

• You must be accompanied by a local guide.
• Please do not go off the clearly marked paths during your walk and do not enter the reserve without authorization.
• Smoking and fire building are not permitted within the reserve.Remember a match or improperly put out cigarette can start a forest fire.
• Eating and drinking are permitted only in certain, clearly marked, areas.
• Please deposit all trash in the receptacles that are provided for that purpose.
• Alcohol and drugs are not permitted in the reserve.
• Please do not deface the visitor signs.
• Pets are not permitted on the paths.
• Recommended attire: long sleeved shirt, long pants, and comfortable, closed shoes.
• To avoid being bitten by mosquitos, please use repellent and abstain from wearing perfume and brightly-colored clothing.

• Hunting within the reserve is strictly prohibited.
• It is prohibited to bring any type of firearm or weapon (sticks, slingshots,stones) into the reserve.
• Please do not feed any of the wild animals.
• Please do not bring any animals, seeds, plants, or insects into the reserve as this could cause a serious imbalance.
• Please do not cut or collect any plants or animals in the reserve (leaves,flowers, fruit, butterflies, etc.).

• Please walk the paths in silence and observe the birds from a prudent distance so as not to disturb them.
• Please keep away from the nests when you hear any calls of alarm or see evidence that the adult birds are in distress.
• Please use dark clothing so as not to disturb the birds as well as to avoid being bitten by insects.
• Los Andes is not responsible for any accident inside the reserve if these regulations have not been followed.
Enjoy your visit and come back again!
Thank you.